fallfiftyfeet - “Twisted World Perspective”
$25.00 - $40.00

  • fallfiftyfeet - “Twisted World Perspective”
  • fallfiftyfeet - “Twisted World Perspective”
  • fallfiftyfeet - “Twisted World Perspective”

fallfiftyfeet - “Twisted World Perspective”
$25.00 - $40.00

What once was, in part, False Accusations — David Wallace, James Becca, and Zac Clevenger, is now fallfiftyfeet. “Twisted World Perspective” was Recorded and Mixed by Gregory Thomas & Chris Teti at Silver Bullet Studios; Mastered, Digitally and For Vinyl by Kris Crummett. Art and Layout by Anthony Grasso. Mockups by Corey Purvis.

Disclaimer: Manufacturing or Production for this Pre Order could extend to April. Test Pressings have been approved as of December 22, 2021. If there’s any actions we can take, as a label, to shorten this turnaround, we will swiftly do so. We will use Facebook to share any news.

Cassettes are available through dontstress//flowerpress; these are limited to 150 Units across three UV Printed variances.
A Third Variant for this Vinyl Pressing can be found through fallfiftyfeet, Limited to 100 Units — on Peach, Purple, and Pink A-Side / B-Side Tri Merge.

More details on this Vinyl Pressing will be available soon, as we continue to outsource for different parts of its Packaging.

Includes Digital Download of “Twisted World Perspective” as WAV Files

Track Listing

  1. The Gloom
  2. Parting Gift
  3. Shortcuts to Hell
  4. Situational Thriller
  5. Commit to the Bit
  6. Cell Dmg (feat. Rob Accardi)
  7. Almost Heaven
  8. Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear (feat. Brent Mills)
  9. Anything That Can Go Wrong...
  10. Twisted World
  11. Perspective

Pressing Information

Test Pressing; /25
“Twisted World Twist”, Baby Pink and Ruby Red Quad with Heavy Black Splatter; /100
“Anything That Can Ghostly Wrong”, Transparent Red, Black, Yellow Tint Ghostly; /100
“Bruise Wayne”, Peach, Neon Violet, and Neon Magenta A-Side / B-Side Tri Merge; /100

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