RILEY! - “Already Fucked”
$25.00 - $155.00

  • RILEY! - “Already Fucked”
  • RILEY! - “Already Fucked”
  • RILEY! - “Already Fucked”
  • RILEY! - “Already Fucked”
  • RILEY! - “Already Fucked”
  • RILEY! - “Already Fucked”

RILEY! - “Already Fucked”
$25.00 - $155.00

Hold on, we're catching our breath; we've, at long last, made it to HGNR10! Without further ado, credit where due... Pressed at Gotta Groove Records, at 33 RPM on 150 Gram Vinyl; Remastered for Vinyl through Matt Riefler; Art and Layout by Alexis Politz; Mockups by Corey Purvis.

Thank you, Chillwavve Records, for allowing us to handle a separate format for RILEY!'s "Already Fucked". While we won't offer Cassette Tape nor Merchandise for the Artist nor Release, Chillwavve Records has and does, and can be found through their Online Store. Us? We're just Vinyl Nerds.

Now, into the deets, bits, and technicalities of it all...

Disclaimer: Copies sold as Overruns will be Numbered ‘OR / 250’.

“High Skool Party Monster" option might encounter imperfections when replay occurs. "High Skool Party Monster" will only be available through bundles for the aforementioned reason — this way, the customer has a copy both for exhibition and use, if any defects were to show. "Bill Nyebula" will be available separately, yet the client should understand there could be a similar result to “High Skool Party Monster" where there is some issues, each time minor, in replay. Please note, these are slim chances, but we still feel obliged to mention them.

Newspaper Ashes will function as an inlay for this release. (Here's a Fun Fact! RILEY! will be helping us decide which articles to incinerate. In the case where the print is visible, you should see some questionable things.)

What do bundles include?

“Cowabundle, Dude" includes ‘High Skool Party Monster' (/25) and ‘Coal' (/125).
“Fun Ways to Oversize Your Bundle" includes ‘High Skool Party Monster' (/25), ‘Bill Nyebula' (/100), ‘Coal ("Metallica" Alternate Art)' (/69), and Test Pressing (/25).
If combining items — rest of our products or inventory, of the same type or category — within the same order, all will be dispatched at the latest date, once all products are in hand.

Includes Digital Download of “Already Fucked” as WAV Files

Track Listing

  1. RILEY!
  2. Cowabummer, Dude
  3. Hops
  4. Already Fucked
  5. Zack and Miri Make Digiorno
  6. Alexa, Tell Me Everything is Gonna Be Alright
  7. Everything Always Sux (A Veces)
  8. It's All Downhill From Here
  9. High Skool Reunion
  10. Bill Nyehilism
  11. Fun Ways to Radicalize Your Crush
  12. 12. God is Asleep at the Wheel and I'm Locked Inside the Trunk

Pressing Information

Test Pressing; /25
“High Skool Party Monster”, Newspaper Ashes inside a Red, Orange, and Yellow Party Monster; /25
“Bill Nyebula”, Random Color Nebula on a Transparent with Black Swirl Base; /100
“Coal”, this Dark Grey Opaque Mix is Limited to 125 Units — 69 Copies, available in the ‘Fun Ways to Oversize Your Bundle’ and Separately, will include Reference Art, which hints at or references Metallica’s “Metallica”.

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